Labyrinth of the Dead

Labyrinth Screenshot

a co-operative, retro, maze shooter versus the living dead developed by Eric Duhamel

About Labyrinth of the Dead

Labyrinth is a fast-paced single- and multi-player action game in tribute to classic co-operative arcade games like Joust, Mario Bros., Bubble Bobble, and Wizard of Wor. Labyrinth is designed to be easy to play casually and hard to beat.


Labyrinth is being developed along with a generic game engine and several other game prototypes to help refine its methods.


Labyrinth is currently in-development, but the first alpha-testing release shows you all you need to know about what the game will be. Download Labyrinth Alpha Release #1-1 to get it. You can also clone the latest development code from the Git URI listed below, or download the latest archive from the Git repository.

Git command line: git clone


Labyrinth of the Dead will be on sale through this web page for a minimal price collected via Paypal and Bitcoin. It will likely go on sale in a pre-order fashion during the beta testing phase. After the official release of Labyrinth, I will begin looking for distributors, including and others.